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[pct-l] Heavy foil

I haven't tried this, but heard that large toss-away turkey pans or other
throw-away aluminum pans can be cut and work well. Cheap too. Meets my two
criteria: light and CHEAP! Careful about wind getting underneath though.
I've had that problem with my sody-pop can stoves which like most stoves
are sensitive to those cooling winds.

> I'd like to make a windscreen for a cannister stove. Ideally, it would
> be a lightweight heat-reflective material on a wire frame that would fit
> over the stove and pot like a cylinder (or box or whatever). Is there
> anything from the heating/AC world like this (maybe would look like a
> tube you'd let your hamster run through--if he was the size of a
> muskrat)? 

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