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[pct-l] Update...Flight of the Spiriteagle

Well I know Jim and Ginny were hopong for e-access in town today, but I
guess it isn't available so just a note to let everyone know they are 
doing good.  With both of them finally in boots that aren't
life is definitely better.  Weather has been decent with the noteworthy
exception of T-storms which always seem to hit at the most exposed
They have been hiking on and off with Sly and Weathercarrot and Laura
with Cheryl doing town support and an occasional slack.
They had just come through the Eagle Creek Trail which sounds enchanted.
A half dozen waterfalls...one of which is passed to the rear!  A
tennel blasted thru rock, maybe 25-30 feet long is the trail past
this 200 footer. The spray covers fifty feet around so the area is
lush with moss and ferns.  Another waterfall formed an X as two
streams crossed on the way down.  They had the trail to themselves thru
all this wonder but passed 59 hikers on the way to the road.

Another oddity was Mt Hood!  Snowboarders galore and the typical
zooish atmosphere of any ski resort.  I don't mean to put down
only commenting on what it must feel like to come from a quiet trail
into such a scene.

Less than 30 days to go and they are about 5 days ahead of schedule so
anyone sending them greetings, adjust your schedule.  They have been
doing fairly consistant 23 mile days.  Plnning on the West Gather
and then the East Gather..They've sent for their winter bags and
are glad they'll only have to carry them for three weeks.

That's it and I'm not sure there will be many more reports...
phones are kinda sparse where they are headed.
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