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[pct-l] Trails for Linda

 As a life lifetime Washinton resident, I can think of a kazillion little 2 
and 3 day trips along the PCT. If you want a great loop, drive to the town of 
Chelan and take the 8:30 a.m. " Lady of the Lake" boat to the landing at 
Lucerne, which is 37 miles up the lake. Then take the old school bus ( which 
meets the boat and cost 6 dollars ) 11 miles to Holden Village. ( which it an 
old copper mining camp ) Then hike up Railroad creek trail 11 miles to 
Suiattle Pass. Hike PCT North to High Bridge. ( located on road above 
Stehekin )  Take bus from High Bridge back to Stehikin and go straight to 
bakery just outside of town. Then take boat back to your car 55 miles down 
lake. Best three day trip in the state. Also grab a Grifford- Pinchot Map 
which is useful in making short trips on PCT  in Southern Wash. Options are 
endless as forest service roads cut the PCT in many places. PS ( Don't 
overlook the nice Prince Creek to Stehekin trail which runs along the east 
shore of lake in the spring, when snow buries the high trails. Lake Chelan is 
a good inland paddle for kayakers and has shelters spaced 8 to 10 miles apart 
all the way with good fishing as well. If you have aging parents, drag them 
along for the boat ride and let them go straight to Stehekin and wait for 
you. ( The boat trip is a trip it's self )
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