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[pct-l] Backpacker Mag. " A True Trailblazer "

 Read this month's issue of Backpacker and turn to page 20. Story is of 
Robert Taylor who was the first African-American to hike the AT and the PCT. 
I met this guy last year in the Town of Independence. He and five other 
thru-hikers were standing on a corner looking shell-shocked after a week of 
Sierra Snow and high passes. Most didn't have ice axes and looked like " What 
did we get our selves into? ". I gave  Robert a ride to Bishop to resupply 
and pick up some much needed gear. The date was June 20. ( I also gave them 
my usual spiel about needing to be prepared for anything short of Everest ) 
After a ride and pep-talk alamode, I dropped him off and never heard from him 
again. Glad to see he made it!!! ( I must admit, he was the first 
African-American I've seen in 30 years hiking. ) There was a young gal in the 
crowd as well who was so over confident and had a " everyone  else is a idiot 
" attitude, that I hope she didn't even see Oregon. She seemed to think 
everyone in the 70's hiked in cotton T-shirts and levi's. ( Maybe a Veditte 
Meadows bear ate her ) Good Job Robert Tayor!!!!!!!
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