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[pct-l] RE: Trail Sprouting

     Yeah, well, so much for technology. Spell & grammar checkers just 
     can't help you when it comes to deciphering religious subjects with 
     strings attached.
     Know only about sprouting seeds on the trail, not much about Muslims.
     My appologies if anyone was in the least bit offended.
     Hmmm...no religion required to sprout seeds, unless you're praying to 
     have them with your next meal.
     >>  Michael_D_Lincicome@sunoil.com wrote
     >>  Finally something I know about!
     >>  You can also sprout any type of seeds in a muslim bag with a
     >>  drawstring. 
     > I checked with a few of my muslim friends and they don't know what a 
     > muslim bag might be. They, of course, made conjectures about
     > unattractive members of the opposite sex, but didn't know of any 
     > that came with drawstrings. Is the religious affiliation important 
     > for sprouting?

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