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RE: [pct-l] RE: Trail Sprouting

I have found a very lightweight (under 6 ounces) sprouter that is made for
sprouting.  It can also serve as a cup to drink out of and several other
uses, so that it makes it a great deal for us who like to carry lightweight
and multi-use gear.  Located at:


It is almost to the bottom of the page.

I hope this is of help to you.  It is sure of help to me.


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>      Finally something I know about!
>      We (my lady & I) being vegetarians, always take sprouts with us on
>      weekend, or longer, hikes. Even lighter than the 12 oz.
> plastic Folger
>      coffee containers are the Glad disposable left-over containers.
>      I take two of the smallest ones and one lid. Drill about 100 1/16th
>      inch holes in the lid and in one of the bottoms (a Dremel is perfect
>      for this). Place the perforated bottom inside the non-perforated
>      bottom, put on the perforated lid and now you have a
> strainer to keep
>      the seeds above any standing water and a lid that allows for
>      breathing.
>      Multiple sproutings can be achieved by adding additional perforated
>      containers. The additional ones don't allow for as much room as the
>      first (wouldn't work for the beans), but you don't need as much room
>      when they first start to germinate.
>      You can also sprout any type of seeds in a muslim bag with a
>      drawstring. Just keep the bag moist and in a Ziplock until they're
>      ready to eat. I find that the bags soaked with water are
> heavier than
>      the Glad containers. Just imagine having five wet cloth bags in your
>      pack (unless you have a Llama).
>      NOTE: Sprouting seeds works only in Summer or if backpacking in
>      southern US where night temps in winter don't go below freezing.
>      Daytime temps need to be above 55 degrees at least. Direct sunlight
>      can help to heat your little greenhouse up in colder climes. Be
>      especially careful they don't get too hot or you'll end up
> dehydrating
>      them down to nothing.
>      To start your seeds:
>      Place the perforated tub inside the non-perforated tub
>      Add a tablespoon of your favorite sprouting seeds (ours is a "Triple
>      Mix"; clover, alfalfa & radish) to the perforated tub.
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