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[pct-l] Stone Age PCT Hikers

 Someone asked the list if we are all thu-hikers or lowly section hikers. 
Answer is we are all lowly section hikers. A large number of list members 
have completed a thru-hike. The problem is you can do once  ( or maybe 3 if 
your lucky ) in a lifetime. Then you go on raising kids ( 10 apiece ,like 
Greg and I ) painting housing, work and basicly having a nomal life. You then 
become a section hiker as time allows. I can safely say though, any 
thru-hiker would jump at the chance of a repeat hike if lifes cards added up. 
  Most of us Stone Age Hikers from the 70's learn a few new tricks from 
today's crop of hikers ( like cutting our pack weight in half ). This is 
great as we aren't getting any younger and the lighter gear weights lets us 
enjoy the trail with less effort. One more note about a long hike or through 
hike: only people in a war develope better lifelong buddies than hikers , who 
 share months of joys, blisters, thirst and sweat together. ( You can take a 
hiker off the trail, but you can't take the trail out of the hiker )
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