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[pct-l] RE: Trail Sprouting

     Finally something I know about!
     We (my lady & I) being vegetarians, always take sprouts with us on 
     weekend, or longer, hikes. Even lighter than the 12 oz. plastic Folger 
     coffee containers are the Glad disposable left-over containers. 
     I take two of the smallest ones and one lid. Drill about 100 1/16th 
     inch holes in the lid and in one of the bottoms (a Dremel is perfect 
     for this). Place the perforated bottom inside the non-perforated 
     bottom, put on the perforated lid and now you have a strainer to keep 
     the seeds above any standing water and a lid that allows for 
     Multiple sproutings can be achieved by adding additional perforated 
     containers. The additional ones don't allow for as much room as the 
     first (wouldn't work for the beans), but you don't need as much room 
     when they first start to germinate.
     You can also sprout any type of seeds in a muslim bag with a 
     drawstring. Just keep the bag moist and in a Ziplock until they're 
     ready to eat. I find that the bags soaked with water are heavier than 
     the Glad containers. Just imagine having five wet cloth bags in your 
     pack (unless you have a Llama). 
     NOTE: Sprouting seeds works only in Summer or if backpacking in 
     southern US where night temps in winter don't go below freezing. 
     Daytime temps need to be above 55 degrees at least. Direct sunlight 
     can help to heat your little greenhouse up in colder climes. Be 
     especially careful they don't get too hot or you'll end up dehydrating 
     them down to nothing.
     To start your seeds:
     Place the perforated tub inside the non-perforated tub
     Add a tablespoon of your favorite sprouting seeds (ours is a "Triple 
     Mix"; clover, alfalfa & radish) to the perforated tub.
     Add enough PURIFIED water to just cover the seeds. 
     Put perforated lid in place.
     Place upright inside top of your backpack in a Ziplock baggie (if 
     you're concerned about leaking) for 12 hrs.
     Remove from backpack. Lift out perforated tub without removing lid. 
     Dump water out of bottom (and Ziplock if necessary.)
     Remove lid and rinse with PURIFIED water every 12 hours until they are 
     an inch long and have tiny leaves (usually 4-5 days.) No baggie 
     necessary now as there is no standing water, just damp seeds.
     Place outside pack or in sun during breaks on last day to green them 
     up. Again, be careful of too much direct sunlight, you may end up with 
     NOTE: A pinch of citric acid crystals dissolved in a cup of water and 
     used as a rinse agent is recommended on at least the third and last 
     day to ward off any unwanted molds and bacteria. Citric acid crystals 
     can usually be found in the canning & pickling section of your 
     grocery. I usually bring about two teaspoons worth.
     We eat the sprouts right out of the container with Wheat Thins & 
     smoked soy-based Cheddar cheese (I smoke the cheese myself). We also 
     make feta tortillas which consists of feta cheese crumbled on a 
     tortilla, placed in a pan over heat to warm, add sliced tomato, 
     sprouts, more cheese, then a tortilla lid. Flip to warm both sides 
     then eat.
     In regards to the multi-use concept, the perforated bottom makes a 
     great shower, and the non-perforated tub is used to knead whole-grain 
     bread dough in and letting it rise while backpacking.

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