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In a message dated 07/21/2000 3:16:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
owner-pct-l-digest@majordomo.hack.net writes:

 I'd like to start a thread of cuisine that meets ultra light and desent 
 gastranomic standards and well as being heathly and easy to cook.
Hi everyone!  This list is the best morning entertainment I've found, from 
the stove debates to the Ding-Dong disputes.  I've been lurking but today I'm 
LOL!  Thanks, Carl, for the turkey jerky recipe.  (The guys in Anza wondered 
who took their treat)

Seriously, my brother is a chef (4Seasons), and we're just getting into the 
food thing.  After the physical challenge of hoisting ANY weight and climbing 
nature's staircase, we want to enjoy our reward.  Dehydrating Bordeaux is out 
of the question, but we've done some fine curry.  Try leftovers from your 
favorite meals, chop them up and dehydrate;  that's all.  Stand-up zip locks 
work great and we haven't had any leaks.  The water doesn't have to be a 
rolling boil, just simmering.

Happy trails..."Compass Crissy" (I tell ANYONE where to go)
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