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[pct-l] Re:Dehydrating Chopped Meat

Brown X pounds (I usually do 4 Ė 5 pounds at a time and store it in the freezer) extra lean ground chuck. As it is browning, add Sweet Basil and fresh garlic to taste. Break up the ground beef as much as you can. If you want it to keep for an extended time at room temperature, rinse it in a strainer in the sink until you feel you've gotten out as much fat as you can. If you are going to use it for short trips, donít rinse that yummy garlic out. Just drain it well and, after you dehydrate it,  store it in the freezer. It should end up pea gravel sized when dried. I use a store bought dehydrator. I dry it until it is rock hard. If you've broken it up into small enough chunks, it will re-constitute as the water is coming to a boil. It will also reconstitute in cold water in 20 to 30 minutes or so for tacos, etc. I use 1/3 cup in most things I make, except chili. It tastes pretty much normal, if you know what I mean.
The only special procedure for the sauce is to run it through the blender before and after you dehydrate it. I dehydrate mine over night making it completely dry. After you run it though the blender the second time it should be a powder. Since you are going to make regular pasta, I'd use just a little more water than absolutely necessary to cook the pasta and throw in the ground beef with it. When it is done, drain all of it and add the sauce. The sauce should be in a separate baggie. I usually use 1/4 to 1/3 cup dry sauce. add a little hot water from your pot. I get mine before I add the pasta to cook. The amount depends on how thick you like your sauce. Start small and work up. It will reconstitute virtually immediately I carry another baggie with real shredded parmesan.
If it doesn't turn out in a way you think is right, email me your address and I'll mail you a meal.

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