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Re: [pct-l] RE: Tip of the week

     I backpacked up into that area some years back
with a few friends over the July 4th weekend. We went
a little above Lyell basecamp then turned right (west)
and went cross country for a few miles. Had the area
all to ourselves although we did see signs that others
had camped there previously. Also as I was out
exploring on a layover day I came across an old
vertical shaft dug down aways into the rock. Appeared
(to my non-expert eyes) to be an old mine. Can't think
of any other reason for anyone to dig a shaft way up
there. So I think there was mining attempts at least
up that way.

     I've also carried out lots of stuff from various
camps and along the trail; I think the worst was some
coils of telephone (?) wire left coiled and abandoned.
This was "open line" telephone wire such as you see
strung on poles and had no insulation pon it.


--- "(R.J.Calliger)" <calliger@infolane.com> wrote:
> Just before Donahue Pass where the PCT/JMT and the
> Mt. Lyell trail
> intersect, in the middle of "nowhere" are two 3/4' x
> 3/4" x 2 feet iron bars
> each weighing about 15 lbs deposited near the trail.
> I carried one out last Sunday and left it at the TM
> ranger
> station. Where it came from? Made no sense...no old
> mines or anything
> around there. Maybe old trail construction stuff. 
> Go figure!
> Put that in your pack :)))
> R

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