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Re: [pct-l] RE: Tip of the week

Just before Donahue Pass where the PCT/JMT and the Mt. Lyell trail
intersect, in the middle of "nowhere" are two 3/4' x 3/4" x 2 feet iron bars
each weighing about 15 lbs deposited near the trail.

I carried one out last Sunday and left it at the TM ranger
station. Where it came from? Made no sense...no old mines or anything
around there. Maybe old trail construction stuff.  Go figure!

Put that in your pack :)))



Bear and I had serious discussion on to whom the tent and food
belonged to. I started small "emergency" fire and waved flaming stick around
after bear refused to go with pot banging, small rock throwing
and other things obviously bear considered nonsense. Flames
barely bothered Bear but smoke confused it. Probably left becasue
it was 5AM and dawn was breaking and not because anything I
had done however.

Bear was very aggressive and kept coming at me even when I stood
my ground and threw rocks and shouted...thus this was first
time I really feared one in many many bear encounters. Usually
I "luck" out with Bear running away after a few hearty bangs on
pan and shouts. Not this time however :(. (Bear went away hungry).

See:  http://www.bearaffairs.com/  for some ideas.

Highest elevation I have ever seen Bear = approx 11,000 on bench before
Mt Lyell glacier NW of Donahue.


Fires above 9600' in the area are illegal. However, I considered this
an emergency since there were no trees to hang food and my bear
cannister top was broken in a fall and I would have been in a
hurt 12 miles from nearest food. I ignited several random
driftwood pieces for the smoke affect and the fire was dispersed
and put dead out.

At 12:32 PM -0800 7.20.2000, Carl Siechert wrote:
>> my friends pack it though. ( Or pull the famous " Eiger Sanction trick"
>> Clint Eastwood, and say " I guess I'll pull out the old 111. Then they
>say, "
>> You packed a 111 up here ???. No, but you did !!!!! (  Hide stove in
>> pack at first restroom break and say no more. ) Tip of the week!!!
>Norm, Bill, and I (1977 Kelty Kids) have been using a variation of this
>trick for years. Whenever we find something that doesn't belong in the
>wilderness, one of us picks it up and surreptitiously gets it into another's
>pack. It gets passed around all week, but it eventually leaves the
>wilderness. In addition to garden-variety trash, rescued items have included
>old horseshoes, a railroad spike (!?), tent stakes, dead birds, etc.

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