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 I'm hiking the High Sierras this summer from Kennedy Meadows to Yosemite Valley, along the PCT/ JMT.  I have the PCT Guide book for the PCT section and am interested if I need any other maps of the area.  If so, what maps would you recommend for this trip.  I'd like to not have to carry a ton of 7.5 minute topos, but am interested in what maps are recommended.
 Also for the High Sierras, are running shoes or hiking boots recommended?  I'm comfortable with running shoes on good trails and just picked up a pair of New Balance 903's that seem fine but am wondering whether to bring along the 3.5 lb Gortex-lined Vasque hiking boots?
 Any recommendations on lighweight water filters?  I've had good luck with an MSR Mini water filter but am interested if thru hikers use lighter weight water filters or just the iodine tablets.  
 Sunscreen, SPF-30 or 45?  I usually use SPF-30 on shorter trips but am thinking SPF-45 might be a good idea on a multi-week trip.  Recommendations are appreciated.  Thanks.
  Gene Taylor
  E-Mail Address: Gene.Taylor@pss.Boeing.com

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