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RE: [pct-l] I carry less overall weight......

Like you, I like to EAT. Walking 25-30 miles per day a la a "thruhiker" is
not the way I'd hike nor even the way I'd long distance hike. [I plan to
hike from Walker Pass to the northern boundaty of the Sierra in 2002,
certainly a "long-distance" hike, at 10 miles a day.....on three square
meals a day]

I like your ideas and intend to try them. I am in the process of selecting a
dehydrator. I probably won't use Raman Noodles prefering standard spaghetti.
This is not a problem for me. I will also try your dehydrated tuna, salmon
and any other meat product and mix them with dehydrated or already powdered
sauce and noodles like Hamberger Helper. Naturally I will continue with
baking cakes, pizza, bread etc.

I will probably not adopt your stove idea but I'll probably try out a
Trianga just to be sure.


PS: Is this list dominated by thruhikers? I don't know. Certainly many even
most have thruhiked and/or long-distance hiked and many more are planning to
do one or the other.....but.....what most on this list seem to ACTUALLY DO
is 50-200 mile section hikes. The question: What percentage have hiked over
200 miles in a single hike [my understanding of the ALDHA definition of a
long-distance hike]in the last three years? I don't know.

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