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[pct-l] RE: Tip of the week

> my friends pack it though. ( Or pull the famous " Eiger Sanction trick"
> Clint Eastwood, and say " I guess I'll pull out the old 111. Then they
say, "
> You packed a 111 up here ???. No, but you did !!!!! (  Hide stove in
> pack at first restroom break and say no more. ) Tip of the week!!!

Norm, Bill, and I (1977 Kelty Kids) have been using a variation of this
trick for years. Whenever we find something that doesn't belong in the
wilderness, one of us picks it up and surreptitiously gets it into another's
pack. It gets passed around all week, but it eventually leaves the
wilderness. In addition to garden-variety trash, rescued items have included
old horseshoes, a railroad spike (!?), tent stakes, dead birds, etc.
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