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[pct-l] PCT verses House Painting

 Did the house today in 3 hours and 35 minutes with a cheap wagner sprayer. ( 
3500 square ft. ( Ya )  Jeff Zimmerman and Trailmix Tony were in Beldon two 
days ago and going good. Swiss Miss and Bluefoote were in in South Lake Tahoe 
a few days ago as well and still hiking good. Tripod ( Chris ) and Dawn have 
a touch of stomach flew or something and a tad sick. Anyone hear hows Ron 
Woak doing? Haven't seen any new post on his web page for awhile. Hiking the 
PCT is a lot better than house painting.  Carl, I have an Optimus 111 which I 
use as my group stove which weighes alittle less than your Dad's Buick ( 
54ozs) but cooks like your gas range at home. ( I usually offer money to have 
my friends pack it though. ( Or pull the famous " Eiger Sanction trick" ala 
Clint Eastwood, and say " I guess I'll pull out the old 111. Then they say, " 
You packed a 111 up here ???. No, but you did !!!!! (  Hide stove in partners 
pack at first restroom break and say no more. ) Tip of the week!!!
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