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[pct-l] bears/CA

reynolds@ilan.com states, "In California it is currently inhumane to
hang food warped in aluminum foil."  I know this was written in jest
and/or sarcasm, but may I point out it totally untrue. "California" is
NOT just the Sierra, Mt. Whitney and the John Muir Trail. Most of this
beautiful state is no where near the Sierra Mtns. and has no
restrictions on how to handle your food while backpacking.  USFS suggest
hanging, that is about all.  I do bore of the majority of the world
thinking San Diego, L.A. and San Francisco Bay Area is the sum total of
the state. Hate to tell ya folks, but the majority of the most beautiful
parts are north of Sacramento.  If you know where Sacramento is then its
north of Redding.
Now, how many of you know where Siskiyou County is? And, yet even
better, how many of you know where a "town" named Forks of the Salmon is
in this same county? The town has only a few dozen people, with phone
service only for about the last 5 years,  still no electricity or law
enforcement, mail delivered only 3 times a week, and, a one way road
into and out of this totally remote community. And, best of all, a
"hometown boy", Gabe Jennings, just qualified for the Olympics
representing Stanford in the 1500 meter. Where in Siskiyou Co. did he
once live and where his parents taught school? Forks of the Salmon!! So,
now that I've vented, please remember just because there are so many
more of you "down there" (thank god you are not up here) doesn't mean we
don't exist. Thanks for listening.
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