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RE: [pct-l] Bears and Nyquil


The Cat stove is great for one or two people.  It will easily boil a quart
of water and simmer.  It's even reasonable, given the 1.6oz weight to carry
two or more for larger groups.

The problem you'll run into is the fuel weight.  Alcohol does not have the
energy density that gasoline has.  So the more person-days of cooking you
plan, the more a gasoline stove makes sense.  

I don't know what the energy density of cannister fuel is, but I suspect
it's closer to gasoline than alcohol.  With a group as large as four, a
cannister stove makes a lot of sense.  They're quite light, and easy to use.
IMO the biggest problem with them is you have to take an entire cannister of
fuel whether or not you need that much.  But with a large group, you're much
more likely to need all that fuel.  I'm sure someone on this list can
recommend a good cannister stove.  (Tom?)


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From: Carl Siechert [mailto:csiechert@hotmail.com]

Have you tin-snip tinkerers come up with a practical lightweight solution
for group cooking? I don't think a cat-food stove will do the job.
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