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RE: [pct-l] click flashlite v slickrock or other

Take a look at the Coleman Peak 1 Cobra.....no, really....I'm serious,
it's cool. I spent 2 months and 800 miles in one on the AT last year.
About 3 1/2 pounds, two doors, lots of netting for breezes, plenty big
mud rooms on both sides, one pole, very easy to put up, use your
trekking poles to batwing the rainfly for ventilation and for more room.
I've had a ball with mine. They sell for $80 to $90 dollars in discount
sporting goods stores. It won't last 10 years but who cares. It would
make an AT thru hike and that's all it needs to do. I'm not leaving any
of my gear to my son....let him buy his own...=o). As long as it is
light, does the job, is inexpensive, and no hassle to use,and will last
for two or more years, it's for me. Gave up being a gear snob along time

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