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Re: [pct-l] click flashlite v slickrock or other

> The SD Clip Flashlite is a newer version of the SD Starflight of years
> I still have and use my Starflight, one of the first light weight, full
> function, non-free standing tents.  At right about 4# it has enough room
> my 6'9" frame and gear.  I have been eyeing the Clip Flashlite for a
> of years but just can't bring myself to replace the old girl, yet.
> The Clip Flashlite looks better thought out and affords 3 1/2 season
> protection, simple setup, non-free standing, lite weight, full function.
> would highly recommend it if the new wave partial tent-tarps don't fit
> style.
> If the NF Slickrock is the one I saw recently in a NF store, it looks like
> well thought out single person tent.  However I don't think it weighs much
> less than the Clip Flashlite.  If you look around, there are other 4 to 4
> pound, two person tents out there that will fit the bill for a through or
> section hike and give you the wind, cold, rain, mosquito and possibly snow
> protection that you're looking for.  I think Moss and Stevenson and others
> offer alternatives.
> Best regards,
> Greg "Strider" Hummel
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