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[pct-l] Ice Axe Required?

Can anybody give me some advice regarding Forester Pass. I cannot decide if
I really need to carry my ice axe on a trip from Bishop Pass to Mt. Whitney.
It's bad enough to have to carry a bear resistant Canister - it seems to be
mandatory this year. The way I see it is that although the PCTA site says
there is "considerable snow" on Forester Pass, the incline for the most part
is fairly gentle switchbacks, followed by a short steep stretch of snow. I'd
hate to carry an axe for 100 miles and only need it for 100 yards. Last
year, a group of thru hikers that I stayed with in Red's Meadows convinced
me to send the ice axe back as there wasn't much snow in the passes. Every
pass including Muir was snow free up to Bishop. If anyone out there can help
me make this decision, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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