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RE: [pct-l] Ice Axe Required?

I did 400 miles of the PCT in 98.  Got to forrester in late August.  there was still a bunch of snow (heavey snow that year), but so many people had gone over the pass that there were nice firm steps.  I did not carry an axe and I wore running shoes.  Earlier in the hike, near lake tahoe, I had lots of trouble going over dick's pass and wished I had an axe.

I would recomend finding out how much snow fell in 98, and compare that to how much fell this year.  I forget how to do this, but there are site that offer such info.  I found them in 98, when planning for my hike.

Dude in TX

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>Subject: [pct-l] Ice Axe Required?
>Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:58:41 -0700
>Can anybody give me some advice regarding Forester Pass. I cannot decide if
>I really need to carry my ice axe on a trip from Bishop Pass to Mt. Whitney.
>It's bad enough to have to carry a bear resistant Canister - it seems to be
>mandatory this year. The way I see it is that although the PCTA site says
>there is "considerable snow" on Forester Pass, the incline for the most part
>is fairly gentle switchbacks, followed by a short steep stretch of snow. I'd
>hate to carry an axe for 100 miles and only need it for 100 yards. Last
>year, a group of thru hikers that I stayed with in Red's Meadows convinced
>me to send the ice axe back as there wasn't much snow in the passes. Every
>pass including Muir was snow free up to Bishop. If anyone out there can help
>me make this decision, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
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