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[pct-l] thanks and a question

Many sincere thanks to all of you who wrote in with wonderful suggestions for 
my "Hiking the Triple Crown" book. I'm pulling together the final draft, now. 
The publisher will have the last say on which tips get included, but I wanted 
to thank everyone. I so much wanted this book NOT to be a "guru" thing and to 
show that there are lots of ways to successfully hike. Adding your voices 
will help me do that.

I'm still looking for a few specifics: If you can give me short (REAL short 
-- just 20 - 40 words, INCLUDING YOUR FULL NAME so I can give you appropriate 
credit) tips on one of the following specifics, I would be very grateful. 
I've included questions on all three trails, since many of you have hiked on 
more than one of the triple crown trails. In addition, I'd appreciate any 
other thoughts you might have.  

Karen Berger

Appalachian Trail: 

What's the drop-dead best tip you'd offer someone just starting out?

How do you keep your morale up?

What's the best way to resolve conflicts with a hiking partner?

How do you deal with the "boring" parts of the trail?

Any tips for dealing with heat and humidity?

Any tips for getting through the White Mountains (hut hassles, etc.)?

Any tips for rock scrambling? 


Tips for hiking the High Sierra. 

Tips for fast-packing through northern California and Oregon.

Dealing with bugs if you have a tarp.

Dealing with the monotony of northern Cal and the realization that you still 
have a REALLY long way to go.

Dealing with rain in Washington.

Dealing wtih snowy trail. 


Deciding on a route.

Getting unlost

Dealing with grizzly bears (of fear there-of) 

Coping with lighning (in Colorado)


Going cross country 

Dealing with the isolation
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