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RE: [pct-l] Bear-Proof Bear Bag (Ursack)

I have a large Ursack.  Unfortunately a bear has not shown up and tested it
yet. Don't let this suprise you. It is very difficult to get an "in the
wild" test. The Bear Can [the aluminum canister] went quite a while before
the manufacturer had real-world experience to report.

Th Ursack has been tested in a zoo where it worked. We will report a
real-world experience as soon as we get one. However, we who use canisters
have a joke "The magic dayglow paint on our canisters drive bears away."
[Translation: Usually, no bear shows up]

The emergency order in SEKI requires "bear proof canisters or bear box". If
I was ticketed using a Ursack I would argue that it is a "bear-proof
canister". I think it will be very difficult for a government organization
to endorse/reject a specific product. I am hiking in the restricted area
7/11 and I intend to use the ursack, take pictures if a bear shows up, and
send them to Tom Cohen.

Early reports on the URSACK indicate it is more difficult to use than a
canister. A canister you just keep closed in camp but open it whenever you
need it. It also makes a good table. The sack requires you to tie it to a
tree limb every time. Still, the lightest canister is 1# 10 ounces [$150]
and the larger Ursack is 5.3 ounces and almost double the volume. I can put
up with a lot of inconvience for that weight savings.

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