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[pct-l] Bear-Proof Bear Bag (Ursack)

I came across an ad for this lightweight bearproof bag.  It looked
interesting it being only 4oz and relatively inexpensive compared to bear
canisters.  Has anyone seen these or used them?  What was your opinion of

I e-mailed the company, Tom Cohen (tomcohen@ionix.net) and got some replies
to a few questions.
What documentation do you have about Yosemite approving the bag?
      -None. Just the word of the chief wildlife biologist there who has
been involved since the start.
What about King's or Sequoia National Parks?
       -Not approved for restricted areas, but ok if counterbalanced in the
rest of the park.

Is there an actual approval process for the national parks for these items
or can we use this or even home made bear canisters in these areas?  Perhaps
Brick could chime in since I recall you looking into the bear canister regs.


Doug Prosser

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