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[pct-l] Kelty Dart2 Tents and Esbit Tabs.

 Mountain Dave, save your money from buying a Kelty Dart Tent. TrailMix had a 
Dart2 and always awakens a wet rat. ( He got rid of it and bought a Walrus 
Solo tent ) They do not have enough venting . Carry a small amount of alcohol 
to start your Esbit tablets in the wind. Trailmix ( Tony D. used a prototype 
esbit stove and had trouble lighting tabs in wind. ) I used an alcohol stove 
and loaned him a teaspoon  for firestarter. With a little alcohol dripped on, 
they do work surprisingly well. ( I still would prefer a homemade alcohol 
burner for most the trip, then switch to a hotter stove in the Sierra's and 
North Cascades )   Tablet Stoves weigh maybe an ounce compared to a 3 ounce 
alcohol burner
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