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[pct-l] Dart2 reply

I have a Dart 2.

I have only been able to use it three times but I do like it.

The vetibule is large and may even be cookable with the big netting vent at
the top.  Not much room with two but I had all my stuff with me going solo.
I cannot sit up in it, but once I've shimmied in my bag there is ample room
to move around.  Last winter I used it with good results.  A side tarp would
be advisable in rainy weather.

I use a netted hammock or the Dart 2 for my trips.
I'm going into the BWCA for a few days and will report on it more after.
I've seen the Dart 2 for $150 to $89.  I got mine for $115.

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