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[pct-l] The Rambling Man

When Dad flew across the pond on Tuesday I suffered a mixture of envy, fear,
guilt and excitement.  I had encouraged him to take on the PCT and at the
last minute had to pull out of our adventure as my wife and I have been
blessed with a wee little child.  Anyway, Dad has bravely taken the bull by
the horns and is now on the trail!!

Bob Reiss - you are an absolute angel!  I cannot begin to thank you enough
for ensuring that when Dad arrived, anxious, disorientated and tired, a
friendly face met him and prevented the big city whirl overwhelming him.
Thanks also for dropping him off at the trailhead - on behalf of his family
back here you will always have a 17th Century weavers cottage to stay at in
the north of England (yes there are parts of England not in London).

Dad has taken the physical and mental challenge of the PCT but has decided
against a full on technological assault.  He has a hotmail account but will
not be seeking out every small internet cafe on route.  What I would really
appreciate is if any, more technologically adept, would be able to pass on
"The Rambling Man's" progress back to the UK

In addition does anyone have a list of journals for this year's hikers so I
can follow them and perhaps pick up news about my Dad?

Hope you all have a cracking time at the Ad...... party - look after my Dad,
he'll be the one figuring out how to use the MSR stove he is taking!! (I
don't give him enough credit)

Until June,
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