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[pct-l] Re: ADZPCTKOP Schedule

Hi, Tom & group:  Question about the schedule you sent out to digest Mon. 
Apr. 17th - I guess the main event is happening Sat. nite & Sun. a.m. for the 
send-off as opposed to what I originally thought was a double-header where 
you were sort of doing two groups - get some hikers started off Sat. a.m. 
(after dinner Fri. eve & breakfast Sat. a.m.), then do it all over again Sat. 
nite/Sun. a.m.  Of course, I can imagine how much work & logistics that would 
entail so don't blame you for just choosing one nite AND am very appreciative 
that you're doing it at all.

I originally planned to slackpack Fri. from Campo to Morena, then head up the 
trail with a goodly number of hikers Sat., knowing that I wouldn't be the 
slowest one because all those other hikers would be coming along the next 
day.  But, if the main event is Sat. nite - would prefer to stay over then & 
join in the fun!  Guess that what's I'll plan on doing whether or not we 
arrive Thurs., hey - that means I could take 2 days from the border to 
Morena, really take it slow & easy (probably would be smart to do that).

See you in a week and a half!

Laraine "Kate" Downer
"Uphill Wandr'r" PCT 2000
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