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David, in your mail to the pct-l digest of Mon., Apr. 17 - you asked about 
resupply addresses:

Mt. Laguna is correct

Agua Dulce goes to Agua Dulce Market
c/o Gen. Delivery
3330l Agua Dulce Canyon Rd.
Agua Dulce CA 91350

Sonora Pass:  (Make sure you're talking about the Kennedy Meadows Resort at 
Sonora Pass in Section J - if you are, the address you have is correct.)
However, if you're talking about the Kennedy Meadows General Store (near the 
Kennedy Meadows Campground in Section G - before Mt. Whitney), their UPS 
address is: Kennedy Meadows General Store, 1445 Kennedy Meadows Rd., Inyokern 
CA 93527 or their mailing address is:  P. O. Box 3A-5, Inyokern CA 93527. I 
just rec'd a return postcard from them saying either UPS or mail was fine, 
that they will send pkgs. on from the store, and that they will hold 
pkgs.until advised not to hold any longer.

Castella is correct

Crater Lake is also confusing:  Packages are normally UPS'd to Crater Lake 
Lodge, however, last year those pkgs. were taken over to the campground/store 
at Mazama Village (which is 7 miles from the Lodge), if you mail to the 
postoffice, that's closer to the Lodge than to Mazama campground.  I just 
confirmed with Larry McDuff that last year they UPS'd to Crater Lake Camp Stor
e (near Mazama Village & campground) at Crater Lake, OR 97604.  They said 
this is better because of postoffice odd location in between everything and 
the hours they keep. (Depends on also, I guess,  if you're going to camp or 
stay at lodge.)

Stehekin is also correct.

Hope this is helpful, I'm going thru all this now myself. 

Good luck on your hike, see you on the trail!  (Also, I'll forward on e-mail 
rec'd from "trail angels" in Agua Dulce fyi next mail).

Laraine Kate Downer
"Uphill Wandr'r" PCT 2000
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