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[pct-l] AT baiting

 If I had a hunting license, I would be arrested for illegal baiting. You get 
alittle bored with stove topics, etc. so I do a little  chumming ( as in 
throwing mass bait ) and the Calvery coming running. Each hiker has an 
opinion, I just type what I think .  Dave should teach a Junior College with 
his talent to read people. Heck, by the end of the week , some of you would 
have Gramma Gatewood up  half way up Everest with her feats. Each hiker is 
attracted to a certain type of trail. Mine would be a trail with views, 
different terrain. The AT is not this type for me. I enjoy the PCT because of 
it offers such variety. ( Plus a few less people and animals found in few 
areas back east )  I could give some little mealy mouth answers to questions 
to keep Dave and others happy, but you get the " Full Monte " here . Have fun 
and hike safe, see you all the 29th at the kick-off. There's going to be a 
dunk tank with me on a board there. Proceeds will go to the PCTA.
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