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[pct-l] San Gabriel Mtns.

Hello PCT Listers,

Gary B. and I just came through the San Gabriel Mtns. Sec. D Grassy Hollow (Hwy 2) to Agua Dulce (Apr 6-11).  Here is what we found.

Apr 6;  Mt. Baden Powell trail is impassable due to snow.  Probably will be 3- 4 weeks before you can get through safely.  Hwy 2 from Vincent Gap to Islip Saddle still closed.  Some 10 ft drifts on this road but good access around Mt. Baden Powell.  Water on Hwy 2 just 0.3 miles up from Islip Saddle parking lot.

Apr 7;  Water in Little Rock Creek by Rattlesnake Canyon Trail and in Little Rock Creek near Burkhart trail.  No water at 3 Points parking lot on Hwy 2; but piped water on trail approximately 1.5 miles prior to parking lot.

Apr 8; Water at Mill Crk Ranger station.

Apr 9;  Water at N. Frk Ranger Station.  Tent spots available at Ranger Station.  Showers available.

Apr 10;  No water in Mattox Canyon.  Water at RV parks in Soledade Canyon.  Questionable water near I-14 tunnel.  Water in Vasquez County Park.  Donna and Jeff Saufley open for hikers in Agua Dulce.

Jim B.

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