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Re: [pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #1099

In a message dated 4/11/00, Zeke writes:

<< Two of us, from the Southeast, have 10 days free between June 21 and 30. 
 would like to hike about 8 days on the PCT, somewhere between I-80 Soda 
 Springs north to the Oregon Border. We would like to cover between 50 and 
 miles, avoid too much snow, wild mosquito outbreaks, and have beginning and 
 end somewhere near where bus routes or hitching might take us eventually to 
 and from Reno. Any suggestions or recommendations are most welcomed. Our 
 experience on the PCT has been from Agua Dulce north to Soda Springs over 
 past 5 years. >>

The next 10 days north from Soda Springs isn't bad but at least last year you 
would have run into a bit of snow.  Sierra City or Belden both put you onto 
major highways from which you can catch a ride to CiviliZation.  Hopefully, 
snow conditions will be a bit better this year but you'll just have to wait 
to see how it works out.  Too early to tell yet.  

If you're looking for great scenery in late June, may I suggest starting at 
Willamette Pass, Oregon (Hwy 58) and hiking through to Cascade Locks on the 
Columbia River?  This takes you through the Three Sisters Wilderness, the 
McKenzie Pass area (spectacular volcanic terrain) and the Eagle Creek Trail.  
Eagle Creek is not part of the "official" PCT, but don't miss it if you want 
to take the scenic route.  You probably won't have time to start your hike at 
Crater Lake unless you can add a few days to your trip, but take a day to 
visit it if you're in that part of the country.  It's Oregon's jewel, not to 
be missed.  

Many PCT throughhikers tend to write off Oregon as a stretch to get through 
on the way to Northern Washington and Manning Park.  They're wrong, and are 
missing a lot if they don't look up from their next footfall.  Take a camera! 
 'Course, I was raised in Oregon so its just my opinion.  You want to avoid 
wild mosquito outbreaks in late June?  A headnet plus DEET weighs less than 
one ounce.  Or try Disneyland.  Good luck on your hike!  
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