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Re: [pct-l] BOUNCE pct-l@backcountry.net: Non-member submission from ["Sandra Angle" <jangles7@earthlink.net>]

> We are planning to thru hike the PCT this year.  We are looking for a =
> resupply post near Sonora Pass.  We found post offices listed for =
> Dardanelle, Pinecrest, and Long Barn.  Also for Bridgeport and Sonora.  =
> Dardanelle would be much closer to the trail but it is not mentioned as =
> a resupply post office in any of the guide books we have.  Does anyone =
> know if this is a good option?

You can resupply at Kennedy Meadows (not the Kennedy Meadows in the southern
high sierra but a second one) which is, if memory serves, 10-15 miles west
from Sonora pass. I resupplied from the store, but you might be able to ship
a package there if you'd rather not buy.

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