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Re: [pct-l] hitching to towns

on 3/30/00 6:02 AM, HikerQs@aol.com at HikerQs@aol.com wrote:

> I look forward to the day when ALL PCT thru-hikers rely on the kindness of
> strangers and their motorized vehicles to take them into town when there is a
> hitch? You shouldn't have to hike a trail that is difficult and steep, even
> if it is well maintained, especially when you can stick out your thumb and
> let someone else do the work for you. After all, the Acorn Trail isn't
> official PCT. [insert annoying sideways smiley face thing here]

Hear! Hear! Everyone knows that if you hitch into Wrightwood and don't walk
the acorn trail you haven't experienced true wilderness. And don't be
foolish enough to think that 2,650 miles is going to give you that
wilderness experience because it's all about the acorn trail baby!

And don't confuse yourself by making your own choice or hiking your own hike
because if you miss the acorn trail, dag nab it, you might as well go home.

Because from that point forward you will be categorized into one of two
groups: those who walked the acorn trail and those who didn't. Those who did
[we called them "Cornies"] look upon others as lesser hikers while those who
didn't gaze off into space.

It all came to a head for me one day while I was in the grocery store in
Agua Dulce. I had seen some "Cornies" earlier when I first arrived in town.
I dropped my pack outside and went into the store to get some chocolate
milk. When I came out and lifted my pack it felt strangely heavy. I opened
it up and discovered the "Cornies" had struck! There were a about a thousand
acorns stuff inside all of my gear! Oh the humanity!

What was I thinking? My life is an empty hollow shell until I thru hike the
acorn trail.

Oh to be on the acorn trail now that spring has come. . . ;^)

AT '94
PCT '99
Acorn Trail 2000

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