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Re: [pct-l] hitching to towns

>>Onethruhiker told me specifically, don't hike into Wrightwood, hitch the 
>>highway instead.  Any thoughts?

You might consider bypassing Wrightwood altogether, and instead resupplying 
at the motel at the cloverleaf (I-15 crossing). They will accept packages if 
the hiker spends a night at their motel. Other amenities are apparently 
popping up in this vicinity as well. This location is 1 full day's hike 
before the Wrightwood turnoff (Acorn Trail). See the Wilderness Press Y2K 
update for Vol 1.

The Acorn Trail does not come highly recommended (steep), and there's still 
a fair bit of walking to do once the road is reached. The climb back up may 
rank as my most aerobic experience of the PCT.

- Blisterfree

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