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Re: [pct-l] hitching to towns

on 3/28/00 4:33 PM, Jim Owen at jimandginnyo@juno.com wrote:

> One
> thruhiker told me specifically, don't hike into Wrightwood, hitch the
> highway instead.

I hitched into Wrightwood. You can take the side trail down into town if you
like and return that way as well. Or you can hike past the side trail till
you come to the road crossing. I can't remember how far it was exactly but
I'm thinking it was 5 miles or more. There is an overlook and rest area
there so hitching shouldn't be that hard. Although some hikers did have
problems getting rides back from Wrightwood.

Hitching in and out of Wrightwood saves you from having to hike the side
trail which has a significant elevation gain and loss.

You've got to eat at the sandwich shop in town. Oh man, it's really, really
good! Mmmmmm. . .

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