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RE: [pct-l] Where's your margin for error?

>Paul asks >>When I'm out thru-hiking this year am I going to have to bail
>people out that are running too light and lean? <<

Paul, you'll run into a fair number of traditional style backpackers like 
yourself this year (pardon the presumptive term); and you'll also see a fair 
number of lightweights, like myself. It's a community, like the AT we both 
know. And every style of hiker is invited, in my experience. What matters is 
the journey, the scenery, the complete immersion into nature. And in general 
this quickly overrides any discussion, disagreement, or insecurity over 
equipment or hiking style. Believe me, the mighty Sierra humbles everyone 
(as you may know), and the experiences along the JMT portion of the PCT will 
be justification enough for setting foot at the Mexican border. 
Justifications based on superiority of hiking style are among the many 
things that will "fall away like autumn leaves" in the initial days of the 
hike. Speaking from my experience only (unless anyone wants to chime in :)

As for the lightweights going "too" light, or the heavyweights going "too" 
heavy - I would argue that "too" only applies if the individual didn't enjoy 
her hike or achieve her goals. Anything else is mere speculation.

The PCT is nothing like pct-l. I've said that before, and if it's true again 
this year, I'll gladly say it again. :)

- Blisterfree

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