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RE: [pct-l] Where's your margin for error?

>>As for the lightweights going "too" light, or the heavyweights going "too" 
>>heavy - I would argue that "too" only applies if the individual didn't 
>>enjoy her hike or achieve her goals. Anything else is mere speculation.<<

I wrote that, and in case my use of "her" instead of "his" or "his or her" 
puzzles or misleads anyone, know that I'm not implying that there are gender 
lines to be drawn on the issue. What I mean to say is: get out there and 
enjoy your hike, one and all!

Interestingly, I once used "his" exclusively, but then someone reminded me 
that I was being a bit exclusive. :) The pros and cons of pronouns...

- Blisterfree

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