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[pct-l] Today's tip

 Use small empty dishsoap container to carry alcohol when hiking. The little 
pull up top works great. Also works to hold coleman fuel in a pinch and makes 
it easy to refill small stoves. Simply pull open top, aim and squeeze in fuel 
into small opening. Mr. Wilson can head up to Echo Lake summit to snowshoe 
out of south lake tahoe. ( go north on PCT) PS. I am a pyro and plan to use 4 
ozs of alcohol a day on my hike. Boil times are lame compared to gas. 15 
minutes to boil a quart, what a flame thrower. haha. Lightweight and safety 
is the strong points of the alcohol cookers. ________ Food topics, I vote for 
twinkies over health food. My brother was a all state running back who ate 
sugar crisp every day of his life and never ate a thing that I even half way 
considered healthy. If you hike hard, eat what you like. Save the corn pasta, 
tofu, bean sprouts for rest home folks. 
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