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[pct-l] Re: Tahoe

> I have a holiday to Stateline,NV south of Lake Tahoe during April 1-7.

If I was in Tahoe for a week at that time I would head down Hwy 50 to the
Phantom Spires and do some climbing, but that's me. Seeing as the
backcountry will more than likely be covered with snow, backcountry skiing
or snow shoeing is a great idea. A few good places to check out are:

1) Mt Talac (S Shore) offers good shoeing and backcountry skiing.
Intermediate to advanced conditions.  Ask the S. Shore Ranger Station for

2) Mt Rose out of Incline Village (NE Shore)is a good trek - great for
beginning backcountry skiing. Lots of open space and forest roads.

3) If your coming over Donner summit (Hwy 80), you can go an easy day hike
or ski in either directions on the PCT and be at a Sierra Club backcountry
cabin (reservations usually needed but a day trip is not unwarranted).

4) You can pick up the Tahoe Rim trail at the summit af Carson Pass (Hwy
89?) and going either direction has its rewards.

5) Rubicon Valley on the West Shore has great hiking but am not sure of the
snow travel conditions.

6) Brockway Summit on Hwy 267 out of Kings Beach (N Shore) has cross country
either west out to a lake that must not be that impressive as I can not
recall its name. Going east up to the top of Seven Lakes Fire Look out gives
an awesome view. You can avoid the snowmobile road (but it does have groomed
trails) by picking up the Tahoe Rim Trail 1 mile S of the summit and keep
heading up and NE to the nearest high peak.

Good luck and say hi to my home town. Be sure to check the snow and
avalanche conditions.

Rusty "MyTie" Johnston
pctresearch@pcthiker.com | Long-distance backpacking research
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