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Hey, everyone -- this is kind of a weird request. I write an advice column 
for GORP.com, and just got a letter asking for advice on where this guy 
should take his wife for a romantic outdoorsy anniversary in late March. I 
don't think anyone should just take my own sole advice on that (Dan and I 
spent one "romantic" week when it was -30 in the Tetons)... so I posted the 
question on our forums.

It occurs to me that people on these lists might have some great suggestions. 
This guy is really excited about getting lots of input, so if you have any, 
plesae participate -- Phil is then going to take someone's advice and write 
up his weekend for us. Should be a lot of fun.    

If that doesn't work, go to http://www.gorp.com, click on hiking, then click 
on discussion boards.

Thanks for any help -- 

Karen Berger

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