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RE: [pct-l] 6 oz. bug bivy

> I have a Nomad. It is less than 1 3/4 pounds tent stakes and stuff sack
>>Do you have one of the originals? I've checked the Nomad website and none
>>the models come in under 2lbs, but I believe those are his newer designs.
>>Does the nomad use dedicated poles, or can you also use hiking poles in
>>their stead? How has it held up for you? Is it durable? Can you fit your
pack/gear inside
>>or does that go under the vestibule? Thanks. . .

I have an original Wanderlust Nomad. It weighs 1# 8 oz. The pack goes
against the solid wall. You sleep closest to the bugnet wall. [This is
except in a storm when you would batten down the vestibule] I use Leki poles
exclusively to support the tent. It is hard to say how it will hold up. My
guess is that you'd better be damn careful setting up the tent or you will
pierce the wall with a hiking pole tip a couple, three times in 2600 miles. 

The original Nomad was a specialized tarp-tent designed for thruhiking the
PCT. As with most manufacturers, Kurt is broadening his potential customer
base by adding niceties and weight to his product. No big surprise. 

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