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Re: [pct-l] Boots

going to stir up a hornets nest by not being long distance politically
correct, but I love my good old Red Wing Irish Setter leather hiking boots. I
started out with a well broken in pair at Campo and they lasted all the way
to Seiad Valley. There, I got a brand new pair and hiked 16 miles up 4000
feet with nary a blister.
  Good on ya Dave  I do hike with boots still as well and love them !  Running shoes are fine as long as the trails in good shape, but they don't last!  I love a pair of boots either lightweights or my lovable Fabiano Mt. Masters,  nothing like a boot thats worn to the shape of your foot, I've done 30 mile days in them and 3 mile days as well.  Thanks for having the courage to say what hikers like MonteDodge and myself have felt all along.  Yes we are Old school, and luvin it!
See you out there.