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Re: [pct-l] Dogs on the PCT.........

In a message dated 2/4/00 9:22:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, Slyinmd@aol.com 

<< Someone asked me about bringing a dog on the trail during a thru-hike.  I

couldn't recall ever seeing one.
 Has anyone hiked long distance, or thru-hiked the  PCT with a dog?  
 I would imagine it would be difficult, at best. >>

I would imagine that it would be difficult, but I've never hiked with a dog.

One other question hikers must ask themselves before beginning a PCT hike 
with a dog is, "What are the regulations in the National and State Parks 
about dogs on the trail?" 

I suppose this will bring on the typical controversy about "I don't need no 
stinking regulations to tell me what to do."  But, there are some of us who 
do want to know if dogs are allowed on the PCT as it passes through National

and State Parks.

Does anyone know the regulations regarding dogs on the trail? It's only a 
rumor, but I heard that a PCT hiker was asked to leave a National Park last 
year with their dog or face a citation.

Please save time for all of us and comment only on the existence or 
nonexistence of regulations about dogs on the trails of National & State 

Hike responsibly in 2000,

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