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[nct-l] user fees

FYI, the AHS supports the Recreation User Fee Demonstration Project, or at
least they said so in a spring newsletter.  But I think they're feeling the
heat.  In the August/September issue of "American Hiker" they wrote:

"American Hiking has accepted fee collection on federal lands only as a
demonstration project.  AHS has lobbied to keep demonstration fees
reasonable, to ensure that fees are not used to replace general
appropriations for trails, and for the equitable assessment of fees among
all user-groups, including RV operators and motorized users."

"What do you think?  Should there be user fees to access federal land other
than basic entrance fees at parks?  Write mmsloan@americanhiking.org."

Seems pretty clear to me that they're ready to ride the slippery slope.
"No compromise" would be a much more clear message.  Think I'll drop them
an e-mail...

Paul Haan
Michigan Benchmark hiking info

"The clearest way into the Universe
is through a forest wilderness."
				-John Muir

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