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[nct-l] Manistee National Forest

> Like I said, I think we have had different experiences. I also have to
> admit that I'm still pissed off about that backstabbing in the Manistee NF
> a few years ago. I haven't been up on the trail south of Beers Road
> recently, but from the photos I've seen, our predictions about this great
> piece of trail having its treadway trashed are coming true. I find it
> interesting that MNF managed to ban bikes from the Manistee River Trail
> they built on the opposite side of the river.
This is a good example of trail not built to withstand bikes.  I too felt
that this sudden policy shift was 'backstabbing'.  Does the forest service
maintain this section?  If bikes are banned from the trail on the other
side of the river, is it possible to reroute the trail to the other side?

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