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[nct-l] Recipes

"R.J.Calliger" wrote:
>You should do this off-line. And not post my private answers back on line!  
>So- here is a response on-line-- keep the next off line please.

Rich -
I'll agree that posting private messages on the list is bad form.  But so is 
a private discussion of what should or shouldn't be on the lists.  That's a 
decision for the lists to make - not just one individual.

>List masters- I object to the serious quantity of posts this person
>is making on the same topic. She had posted over 4 receipes plus
>addendums and "oops"-- that is infantile and rude.  This is not
>a cooking list.
>One - two receipes a month I do not mind.

So, let's talk about this -- where were you when pct-l was getting 40 to 50 
posts a day (or more) about alcohol stoves?  That went on for probably 
thousands of posts, and I have somewhat less than zero interest in alcohol 
stoves - so should I object?   I did what you should have been doing - 
Delete, Delete, Delete.  Frankly, I think she's at least posting something 
that more than a few people find useful whether you do or not.  What would 
you like to replace it with?  A Wingfoot war maybe?  I don't care how many 
lists you're on or how many times you get each recipe - you can use a filter 
or your delete key like the rest of us do when something annoys us.  What 
makes your sensibilities so much more important than the information that 
others on these lists find useful?

>There are more receipes here they any human needs...if we want that
>many, several references are available listing good quality trail
>In over 5000 miles of hiking including 2 thru hikes I found no need
>to pick receipes off any list. And still need none. She is force-feeding
>us- pun intended :-)

Neither have I, but that doesn't give me (or you) the right to tell others 
what to post - or not.  Personally, I have a very LARGE problem with those 
who try to dictate the content of any of the lists.  Getting more posts than 
you like on a subject you don't want to read is one of the hazards of being 
on the lists.  I once lived through a "socks" thread on another list that 
ran to 500 posts, all of them saying "Thorlos are great".  I didn't like it 
- but it wasn't my business to tell the list that they're full of ****, that 
Thorlos suck and they should shut up about it.  Nor is it your business to 
shut down something that others find useful or informative.  Object if you 
want, that's absolutely your right -  but insisting that everyone on the 
list agree with you and shut down the thread is unacceptable.  If you don't 
like it, there are remedies that you can take that don't affect the rest of 
the list - use them.

Walk softly,

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