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[nct-l] Recipe -Tamale Boats

BlankTamale Boats (Foil Cookery)
These are quick, easy, & good!

1 can of tamales (unwrap, slice lengthwise, & dehydrate)=20
1 can of chili (with or without beans) OR homemade (dehydrate)=20
hotdog buns (or whatever you want to use)=20
grated cheese (powdered)
onion, chopped (optional) (dehydrate)

@ camp:
Rehydrate what you dehydrated in hot water. Open up your hotdog buns and =
place tamales crisscross on the buns, then pour a topping of chili over =
each one, sprinkle with some onions, and top with shredded cheese. Wrap =
in foil. Then bake in the oven/embers until it is heated & the cheese is =
melted at 350F, for 5-10 min. Enjoy! =20
Servings: 2 - 4.

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