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[nct-l] Anyone There?

Yes, there are a few of us, but we aren't a very vocal group :-)

I'd love to see more activity here.

I'm from Michigan by the way. Live in the thumb, belong to the Tittabawassi 
Chapter of NCTA, and maintain a section of trail in the Boyne Falls area. 
That's about a four hour drive each way!  Needless to say, I don't get out 
as often as I'd like, but three or four times a year is much better than none.

I'm heading to PA next week for the Crew Leader Training offered by 
American Hiking and NCTA. Looking forward to getting away for the week!

Hope to hear more from whoever else is monitoring this list.


At 03:26 PM 4/16/2001, Elliott, Patrick S wrote:
>Does anyone else subscribe to this list?
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